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Taters and a little peanut

You’ll never hear me professing I’m some Chef Boyardee.  Far from it.  Now, my MIL is fierce in the kitchen! It just wasn’t my calling.  But, ever since I started trying to get my weight down and definitely since this new way of eating, I find myself cooking at home more often than not.  My latest concoction used white potatoes.

Simple Roasted Potatoes

I had stopped eating white potatoes when I started exercising and read up about how sugars and starches cause weight gain.  But, I figure, if I’m going to give up meats, I can afford to pick up potatoes again.  Mmmmmm……  

My family has some great cooks on both sides of the tree (I’m not one of them…you may have read that earlier). But not one recipe book! But then, most black traditions are handed down orally (not the rule always, but in my experience, this is the case most times). It’s no different in my family with recipes. Since they don’t use exact measurements, there was never a reason to write it down. They just put a pinch of this here or a pinch of that there-a fistfull of this or a dash of that. It was just intuitive genius. Still, I never had a clue how to get from A to B with any of these recipes. But, despite my lack of culinary greatness, I must have inherited that tendency from them. Here’s how I made the potatoes:

“I sliced and halved the potatoes. Then I coated them with somewhere around two tablespoons of olive oil, about a half teaspoon of garlic and black pepper seasoning, and about a tiny fistful each of chives and parsley, and a couple dashes of sea salt. In the oven it went at 400 degrees for about 20-25 minutes, turning once.”

These tasted great! So they’re not gourmet anything. They had a nice flavor-and it’s potatoes! You can’t mess up potatoes. So the potatoes are back in rotation for me.

I have a little adorable peanut too. She’s got a great personality and she’s the prettiest little thing. But she has only said a few words since she was born. She’s my youngest. She’s three years old and was just recently assessed and deemed eligible for the local autism program. I was saddened by this until I realized that I believe in a God of miracles. I’ll be believing Him for a breakthrough for my daughter. In the meantime, with all the researching of new diets, the GFCF Diet didn’t escape my attention. I’ve never held to any restrictive diets before and this is my first attempt at that. But, I’m thinking if I can learn to do this for myself, at some point, I’ll be able to help her and we can see if it has any beneficial impact on her development. I’m still waiting for her to say, “Mom,” and know she’s calling me.

Diet is more important than I ever realized to our health.


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