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Triple Threat: Left-overs, leg lifts, and last day

Lunch is left-overs. I’m having sauteed squash over wheat pasta. I don’t know how all these folks take such great pics of food with these digital cameras. I’m a painter. Never been mechanically inclined at all. I’ll be trying to figure that out. But first, I’ve got to charge my camera. And I think it would help if I stopped eating the food before I take a picture of it! You’ve got to understand though. I’m an almost broke, hungry college student again.

Yesterday was the last day of classes at the university and I’d be really relieved except for I have a review coming up on Monday. So, I’ve got to prepare for that. Since beginning in the fall, a lot of my eating is done on-the-go again. In my defense, however, at least this time around my main staple isn’t Doritos! I spoke to a doctor recently about making the switch to veganism and she said I had to treat it like a job in the beginning. Hence, thinking of it as learning a whole new language…which it really is. I mean, nearly all the things that I used to eat that used meat, have a counterpart in the vegan diet. Many of the vitamins, minerals, and proteins I got from a meat-based diet, I now have to find out how to do with a more plant-based diet. It’s strange for me still. “Yeast” and “wheat gluten” really aren’t terms I’m too familiar with. And every time I hear “yeast” I think of the yeast balls Tina Fey was having in Baby Momma! But, figuring it all out is fun too for some reason….Or maybe I’m just weird?

gearAnyway, the greatest thing about classes ending is that I get to get back to my exercising! Now, before I go any further, let me just say that exercise to me is any activity that you do from marching in front of the tv to running on a treadmill to training for some triathalon…whatever as long as you’re moving and the intended goal is for better fitness. I don’t know how I started even liking it, but they say it takes 21 days to form a new habit and it seems like that might be true. It did help that I saw some results. I used a portion control formula (WW points system) that I found out about on a site called peertrainer. But I knew that I wouldn’t do it forever, so I only loosely followed it. Coupled with exercise, this worked for me. Before I cut the meat out, I had gotten down to 125 just by doing that. I figured I wouldn’t go any lower than that because that’s my natural weight after I had had my first child. But since I’ve stopped eating meat, it seems my new natural weight was actually little lower than that. I’m right back to the weight I was when I graduated high school! Go figure! I still have some problem spots. There aren’t many women who don’t. But, I’m thinking, these eat healthy and get some activity people might have something there! It was very helpful in the beginning to see the other logs on peertrainer so that you could know how othes dealt with healthier ways to eat. But, during the time I was making the transition to my current MFA program, I began to lose touch with it and some of my other partners got upset. Excuse me. At the time, it was just impossible to strap a laptop to my hip everyday! So, when they got rude about it, I just left. By that time, I had learned better habits anyway and I had the self-motivation to continue. I’m glad I found that I can do it on my own. At some point using peertrainer though, I began the Walk Away the Pounds dvds with Leslie Sansone because it was so easy…and at thirty-something with no exercise in years and riding a desk for about five of the last years of that, I REALLY needed easy. So I did that for awhile and I would jump rope for a while maybe a few times a week. And I started to see some changes. Then I figured, I could just walk during my lunch break. So I did that. When I needed a greater challenge, I added ankle weights. After a while, my weight was affected as well as my heart. I went from a person who couldn’t run one mile without stopping in high school to a thirty-something running four miles now (on a treadmill though) without stopping to catch a breath! My husband was the track star in our family (and he never let anyone forget it). But I think I might be able to beat him now! At least in distance anyway. That’s girl power!

Still, I haven’t really exercised in about two weeks. The first week I was sick as a dog. The second week, I had sniffles, but I had so much to do with getting my students through their finals and getting myself through my own that I just couldn’t make it. Ordinarily, I exercise about 4-5 days a week. And since beginning at the university I’ve had more options because they have a fabulous gym. But, today, when I break back into it, I think I’m going to take it easy…march in front of the tv with some leg lifts (and maybe some dumbbells or the bands). Leslie, here I come!

I’m really excited about the good choices that I’m making for me!


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