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Tofu, I think I love you

I have been open about my skepticism surrounding tofu. It looks odd. It’s kind of spongy. It doesn’t smell like anything. Then I tried a tofu scramble and it was just heavenly to me. I suppose the recipe (or the combination of recipes) did that. Whatever the case, I knew the tofu scramble was going to be in my mental recipe box to stay. But what else would there be? I am the only vegan in the house at the moment. I doubt my husband will ever change. My kids may not. So right now I only have to cook vegan for one. How will I eat without wasting (which is mad important when you are married to an accountant)?

Enter the tofu cutlet.


I got a cutlet recipe from The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Vegan Living by Beverly Lynn Bennett and Ray Sammartano. Since I was only preparing the cutlets for one, I can’t say that I followed the recipe exactly (and no, I didn’t divide a million times to get to what it should be for one serving). I just decided to wing it like usual. And they still came out very flavorful. I decided to wrap them in a whole wheat tortilla (I’m still looking for these phyllo things because I think they look so cool, but in the meantime…). I had also seen this recipe for a savory white sauce in Skinny B*tch in the Kitch and I figured I’d throw that on top. Again, preparing it for one, I kind of didn’t follow it exactly. Plus, I subbed the soy milk for almond milk which I think is the reason the sauce was on the sweet side, but I didn’t mind it at all. It gave it an unexpected but very nice flavor. At the end, I figured I had to have some kind of green veggie on the plate so I garnished it with some chopped green peppers. This dish was so good! It didn’t taste like chicken or any other meat cutlets I had ever had. It really had it’s own flavor and texture. But, it was pleasant. So….I might become a tofu convert after all.

By the way, if you see this post two, or three, or maybe SIX (!!!!) times, please forgive WordPress. They’re working on it, I think…


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