i speak veganese

Hey, I haven’t burned the house down yet!

Fast food!

Okay. I may as well just face it. Sometimes, I’m just too lazy to cook. Other times, I might just be in a rush. In such times, a girl has got to have some standbys. And in such places like Delaware, that is pretty hard to do. If you don’t know where D-ware is, don’t sweat it. We’re only about ten minutes passing through on I-95. There’s really no need to stop either. While you could get a million checking accounts since we have a ton of banks, we have very few specialized vendors (i.e. vegan restaurants). If you can find a specialized vendor for your area of interest, there usually is only one. So, while I haven’t found any completely vegan or vegetarian restaurants in my area, because that would just be TOO convenient, I have found one restaurant that does accomodate vegans and vegetarians alike. Yesterday, in a rush to get something to eat before rushing to pick up my daughter, I ordered a pretty tasty Veganized Thai Chicken Wrap from the menu at Home Grown Cafe on Main Street in Newark.


I subbed tofu cutlets (yeah, I’m hooked) for the chicken. The wrap came with a choice of side salad, chips, or fries. I could have kicked myself for forgetting to order the wrap whole wheat though.

While I was waiting for the order, I snapped this pic of the restaurant.


The other shops I have frequented on Main Street are deli-like settings. Okay, I’ve only gone to about two others. I like Lettuce Feed You and Newark Deli and Bagels. What can I say? I’m a creature of habit. Lettuce Feed You has pretty decent salads (although I’m kind of partial to the one in downtown Wilmington). Newark Deli and Bagels has, well, bagels. I think they have a couple vegetarian wraps too though. If you hold all the cheeses, I think you can make it vegan. They also have a veggie burger that I haven’t tried yet. Lettuce and Newark Deli are pretty cost-effective choices for any student who is a vegetarian. It gets a little trickier for veganizing stuff, but it can be done. I think Home Grown is a little steeper than these two. But they have a very nice atmosphere for dining out and they have made the distinctions between vegan and vegetarian dishes which is very convenient. I made a note of it for future reference.

So, I hadn’t really planned on posting today. But I thought I’d just share my good, veganny fortune!


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