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Hey, I haven’t burned the house down yet!

Inauguration 2009!

Can you believe it?! I just had to document this day. The day where I could actually say I feel like I’m not just African-American, but an American like any other. Waiting for my mother to come out of surgery…and not sure what I will fix for dinner, but off to celebrate!!

Update: With the recent inauguration, I felt the order of the day was “trying new things”. So, I decided to try some things I hadn’t had before rather than the things that I have learned how to make.


This fit the bill for me. This is an Open Faced Santa Fe Sandwich courtesy of the Student Go Vegan Cookbook. It’s made with tempeh and a homemade barbecue sauce (from the same recipe book), with some herbs and a toasted roll (though I only had toasted wheat bread). It tasted pretty good. But I learned after I ate it that I could have used a method called “poaching” to make the tempeh a little more tender. This was good but chewier than I would’ve expected. Not bad for something new though.

The other “something new” I tried was cookies. At 32, I’ve never baked a batch of cookies before. Well, with this recipe I had plenty of practice under my belt when I was finished. From Vegan With a Vengeance, these are Pumpkin Oatmeal Cookies.


This recipe made near four dozen cookies! But I ain’t mad at ’em. They are so chewy and moist! I love them. They called for raisins and optional flax seeds. I didn’t have flax seeds on hand at the time. But they came out chewy just the same. Mmmmmmm…so good.

So that’s my “new”s in the kitchen.

Everyone I know is talking about our newly inaugurated president. I’ve never seen so much pride from blacks. It truly is an amazing thing. I didn’t think America had it in her and I know so many others share that same sentiment. I never would have thought I would ever see a black president. This is not the America I thought it was. It’s a better one. One that is trying to live up to it’s reputation. Haven’t seen that ever. I still don’t think that the economic status of the nation will turn around immediately. But I do think the cultural mentality is undergoing major overhaul. It’s an exciting time to be alive!!

And I suppose Biden actually did put D-ware on the map for good! I see their photo everywhere I go now. I wonder if he can get a few vegan restaurants around here…

In very local news, my dad had to move to another plant out of state since Chrysler shut down. My mom is still here and he has to commute on the weekends. It feels like a loss because he’s very close to my son and he and my husband get a long pretty good. He bounces the Doodlebug on the bed everytime he sees her (which come to think of it, is a bad habit, lol). But, now he’s gone and I miss him.

I know it won’t turn around right away. But I’m giving in to the spirit of hope that this inauguration has ushered in.

Yes we can! (If I can cook, anything can happen!)


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