i speak veganese

Hey, I haven’t burned the house down yet!

Burger Queen

Before trying to get my health back and before going vegan, I was a fast food junkie. My favorite burgers were from Burger King…Favorite fries were McDonald’s…favorite nuggets were Wendy’s on the cheap and Chic Fil A when I had some extra cha-ching. Today, I had mad cravings for some fast food. Just a burger and a fry fix. So, being the greenie behind the ears that I am, I got a cookbook.

The closest I got to a burger was a black bean burger and roasted potatoes. The black bean burger comes from The Student Go Vegan book. I wanted to try the one from Veganomicon but I didn’t have the vital wheat gluten. This one, oddly enough, called for rolled oats, which I did have. Plus, it’s topped with the sweet corn relish! That stuff is just the most amazing topping…sigh. The roasted potatoes I remembered from somewhere. This time I added some malt vinegar and ketchup to my roasted potatoes though like I used to get at Surf Side Fries-and lunch was heaven! Although not fast by any stretch of the imagination…kind of like a fast food drive thru actually. At least this time I didn’t waste a tank of gas.

When I am able to post pics again I’ll update. Bye for now!



  Nessy wrote @

can’t wait to see that burger! love your blog. great layout ^_^

  babystace wrote @

Thanks Nessy!! I visited your blog. That design is HOT!!!
My burgers rarely stay around log. I inhale them!! But I’ll be sure to post some pics soon. Got to find out about the cha-ching first.

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