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Lost in the Sauce

Since I’m stuck in the house with a few cold and flu symptoms today, I figured I’d celebrate this Easter with figuring out how to cook a new dish. Isa’s recipes rarely disappoint me, so I went with it. Here is a new favorite.


To the left of the string beans there are some hot sauce glazed tempeh cutlets. It has taken me a minute to get used to using tempeh. It’s pretty bitter unless it is poached first which tends to extend the cooking time (and when you’re starving, that is heart-wrenching and just too fun). Since I’ve learned how to do this first though, I’ve gotten better results with dishes like spaghetti sauce where I use the tempeh as a meat substitute. But I’m still perfecting the tempeh enchiladas. These little darlings, however, were finger-licking good! And so cute cut into triangles! I swear if I ever met Isa, I would have to sing her a ballad on the spot for dishes like this. So tasty. I love being vegan!

A couple weeks ago, friend of my mother’s asked me did I miss anything since going vegan. I told her besides missing cheese (while there are a couple vegan cheeses that I haven’t tried yet, the ones I have tried have been yuck-city), I am so busy trying new foods, I don’t have a chance to miss anything! I’m finding more and more that where I had thought that there were so many more vegans these days, in this area, I don’t run into too many. So, I generally have to explain myself and this choice nearly every time I’m out with folks and I start appearing to be picky. It’s always a big deal before we get the food. After that though, it’s pretty routine. Still, my husband and I were actually invited to his aunt and uncle’s house for Easter dinner tonight and I’m kind of glad I don’t feel well enough to go. I just don’t feel like explaining veganism to anyone tonight between sneezes. Besides, I’m sure they wouldn’t have changed any cooking methods to suit my choices and I’d wind up passing it all to my husband under the table anyway.

Happy Easter!