i speak veganese

Hey, I haven’t burned the house down yet!

Finally! Some inspiration.

Well, I have to say, I’m still glad I went vegan. Still pretty much eating the same stuff I was cooking before like red cabbage, shepherd’s pies, tofu dishes, etc. I’m sorry to say that I haven’t found a very supportive vegan community yet-online or off. Lately, I have been looking for some inspiration to stay the course. Although I still have flashbacks about the videos I saw, I see these articles about how unhealthy this way of eating is. It scares me a little. So, I’m checking out stuff on Wellsphere to see if I can make sure that I stay healthy on this journey.



  miss v wrote @

what articles are you reading? i’d be interested to see what they are saying… i can possibly see if they say consuming too much soy, but consuming too much anything isn’t good for you…. variety and moderation are key. let me know where i can read those articles!

  babystace wrote @

One of the ones that I’ve read is here:
Also, I listened to this video. There are others on youtube as well that run kind of along the same lines:

I’ve been doing this awhile though so I want to continue. However, I can’t say that these things don’t make me think that I won’t encounter problems. I’m not the type to pop multi-v’s everyday. Nor do I watch every single thing that goes in my mouth (in regards to am I getting enough protein, am I getting enough calcium, etc.). I really wonder if I’m going to harm myself eating this way now.

  f.luesy wrote @

PLEASE check out Colleen Patrick-Goudreau of Compassionate cooks. She has an unbelieveable amount of information about living as a vegan and your health. She has a podcast called “food for thought”, and a website called “compassionate cooks” with an enormous vegan community (message boards) that should help you feel supported. I have been Vegan for 10 years and have listened to all of her podcasts ( free downloads on itunes or her website) and I continue to do so on a weekly basis because I too need the support. You will find answers to your vegan health questions, calcium, protein, etc. Good luck and keep up the good work!

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