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Don’t Worry, I’m Still Vegan & There’s An App For That Too

The last post I wrote-a very long time ago-was about having doubts about what my health might look like down the road eating vegan. It seems that there’s a lot of contradictory information all over the web about it. And currently, I’m still the only person I know that is still vegan so it’s difficult to see anyone who is thriving eating this way. I, myself, catch a cold occasionally that is difficult for me to shake. Much more difficult than the next gal, usually. But, I was like that pre-vegan too so that doesn’t worry me.

I’m not seeing any really horrible health effects from eating vegan at all. And I may be making a small difference in some of the lives I touch. As a surprise, my husband, an omni to the core, took me to Horizons for my birthday. If you’ve never heard of them, Horizons is an excellent vegan restaurant in Philadelphia. If you ask most vegan in the area, it’s the best. It was my first time at an all vegan restaurant-and let me tell you, I know why they say it’s the best! That morning he asked me what I wanted for my birthday. I told him some General Tso’s Tofu from Bamboo House (fine Japanese restaurante in Delaware). That’s where I thought we were going. But, I was pleasantly surprised by the change. The food was delicious! I ordered the tempeh tacos, the beach bake and three different desserts (of which all were fantastic). It was all so good! They have a recipe book that I plan on ordering from them soon. We thoroughly enjoyed the atmosphere and the food. But the greatest part of the dinner was when my husband said, “I could see doing this once a week.”

I took some pics from the night but it was a little too dark to get anything really good (as an amateur).




It was one of the greatest birthday gifts ever. I’m so desperate for a tempeh taco now I don’t know what to do!

So as far as staying vegan, that’s on the to-do list. As far as staying healthy as a vegan….still working on keeping that together. Fortunately for me, I happen to be an avid Apple iPod user. I have a 1G iPod touch that I use nearly everyday for nearly everything. Usually, if you want to know something or do something, “There’s an app for that.” Right now, I’m anxiously awaiting the update of Obsessive Code’s Food IQ. Food IQ is an application that keeps score of the foods that you eat, the exercises you do, the calories you consume, etc., etc., in one handy app. It works extremely well because the data base is so extensive. But the greatest thing about the update is that the app will now custom track the nutrients you desire. So, you can tailor it to specifically suit your diet-like the vegan diet. I can set it to track protein, calcium, B12, and all the other nutrients that are on the hot topic list for vegans. Becoming vegan just got a whole lot easier!