i speak veganese

Hey, I haven’t burned the house down yet!


I am a thirty-something wife, mother of two, and a visual artist.  Earlier of this year, I could have also added “unhealthy” and “overweight” in that description.  In June of 2008, when I realized a non-pregnant weight all-time high of around 155-160 lbs (and heaving every time I hit a flight of stairs), I began to slowly and deliberately develop more of an interest in my physical fitness and weight maintenance.  I began making changes to my eating portions and adding more physical activity into my lifestyle.  I made significant improvements.  At the end of three months, I reached my goal weight of 125 lbs and I felt much better than I had with the added poundage.  I was fitting comfortably into my clothes again and my BMI was showing that I was moving in the right direction.

I’m also a believer.  I believe in salvation through Jesus Christ alone.  However, I do believe that fasting helps to put us into a mode where things are slowed down and we are able to hear God more clearly, sans distractions.  I attempted just such a fast in October.   It was to be a forty day fast of meat only for spiritual purposes.   At the time I felt I needed some answers and some direction from the Lord.  While the fast started out for spiritual purposes, in keeping with my fitness goals, I also took the time to reflect on my normal diet as well.  I came to the conclusion that it might be a good idea to try the pescatarian diet.  I figured, of all the meats, this is the one I liked the most and I just really couldn’t see myself doing without. The others, I was just eating for the taste of the sauces and condiments anyway. The problem was, I didn’t know how to stay healthy eating this way and there is a lot of conflicting information out there about eating seafood.

I spoke to a friend of mine who I knew had some knowledge of veganism.  While I was sure I didn’t want to go that far at the time (rolling my eyes here), I figured he would point me in the direction I needed to go for more information on how to stay healthy on a restricted diet.  That’s when the ride really took off.  He introduced me to a website that introduced me to another website that introduced me to yet another website.  The information I read about and saw with my own eyes on these sites have influenced my decision to approach eating from a more vegan-ized perspective.

Unfortunately, all of these decisions coincided with some very important American holidays that in black families are showcases for culinary skills at their best! I made my way through the Thanksgiving muddle as best I could, taking note that I would have to learn some fancy footwork for defending my choices and getting out of having to sample dishes that “you can just take the meat out” at Christmas time.  These diets aren’t as common amongst black families so, that might take some doing, lol.

Okay.  So that brings me to now.  I’m in a learning process.  Learning to speak  “veganese” to me-in regards to diet-means learning to eat foods made with no animal parts or by-products.  Perhaps it may also filter into other areas of my life as well (ex: clothing, etc.).  But for now, I’m just learning the basics of the language on a syllable by syllable approach.


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