i speak veganese

Hey, I haven’t burned the house down yet!

Ten Reasons No Way

This page does not list reasons I shouldn’t become a vegetarian/vegan.  Instead, it lists reasons I reject for becoming a vegetarian/vegan.  There is a difference.

I will not become a vegetarian/vegan:

1. To have access to God.  I get that through Jesus Christ alone.  My diet doesn’t change that.

2. To condemn the lifestyles and choices of others (but when asked, I reserve the right to share my opinions and thoughts).

3. To subscribe to a new form of rigid lifestyle that resembles something more akin to bondage. While I may look more closely at ingredient lists, I will not be obsessing over the fact that I may still have items in my closet, cars that I drive, or perfumes that I have used that may have been made using animals.  But I may make a conscious effort not to purchase anymore.  

This list is still in the process of being worked out so I’ll be adding on as I think of more.


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